Love Letters

Love Letters Intro

The “Love Letters” page I believe is the motivation and heartbeat of the “Forgotten and Unwritten” blog. The inspiration for the title is based on the 66 love letters that Jesus wrote to you and me in His personal love letter to us; the Bible. However, much of my inspiration also stems from the letters that Paul wrote to the church. I’m not Paul and in no way am I trying to convince you that I am even attempting to walk in his shadow, I just am a fellow straggler and believer of Christ who has been impacted by some of the fallacies within the body of Christ. My beliefs and faith are centered around knowing that Jesus is bringing me out of years of anguish and pain. I believe that he wants me to bring some other wandering stragglers and help them find hope again as well. I don’t know what this page will morph into but I pray that through my love letters to those who are hurting, broken and may feel that they have been written off, somehow through my testimonies and transparency those fitting might find their voice of healing for themselves and or for someone else.