Good Times


Welcome! This page is created simply for one purpose, for you and I to share in knowing that even when life’s tides may appear to be high or low during seasons of our lives, Jesus’ mercies still can be new every morning for each of us, not just a selected few.  Often we are at different stages of our storms, while some may appear to be thundering in others are on their way out. Knowing that life goes on and putting into perspective how there are and will be seasons of “Good Times”, I believe it is important nourishment for our souls and for our overall healing process. There may be some days when we have traveled or went on outings and realized how blessed we are to get a bright perspective on the many possibilities that do await us with open arms. Where a day out in the park may be just the right remedy for where you are currently, or maybe even a fun day at a museum, really the sky’s the limit on this page so be ready to explore and dream with me.

IMG_1046Often when we feel our lives are in seasons of droughts we have a natural tendency to isolate ourselves and stop living. We forget the price that Jesus paid just so that we could have life and we let our problems and our worries narrate the chapters of our story rather than Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. To demonstrate our trust and faith in God is simply an act, a choice to let go and live. Here in the above picture you see a hand covered in blue and orange paint, that hand is my hand and in the middle of my hand is a cross. What I hope to convey from this picture is a statement and that is even in our seasons of walking the crucified life Jesus still wants us to see the beauty of the resurrected life. In 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV),  Jesus tells us to cast our cares and here you see me casting my cares by living care free while finger painting with my son. (If you want to see more from this good time please check out my home-school life album on my Facebook page at Kandice Love-Arceneaux. When you walk in the crucified life either because of abuse or a form of persecution from family or an institution, often we can get into a rut and stop living and in return start subconsciously punishing ourselves by depriving our daily lives from walking in the abundance and light of God. In John 1:4-5 (NIV) it says, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men”.  In him was life and that life was the light of men and that light is how we live. I think it is important for us to stay on a continual path and pursuit of God’s light and one way we can do this is to shun the darkness by embracing good times. Below is a picture of me and my family out at the museum.


The day after our return from our family vacation from Disneyland I sat pondering how to address some family conflict and as I sat I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say to me, ” Turn a deaf ear to negativity and with a sound heart and mind turn unto God”. The conviction of these words that aren’t necessarily quoted in the Bible but are truth, instantly brought peace to my spirit and joy to my soul.

And what you see from each picture is the life of a person who is learning how to turn her eyes unto God and embrace the beauty and gifts of life that are found in peace, love,joy, and even Good Times. For it is in those special moments that we can truly see God.

Good times are unwritten in the word of God and there isn’t a book called good times but along my journey I have found that they are the secret remedy that can help heal a broken heart or a broken life so get out of yourself and get into life maybe through a walk in the park or even just picking up a coloring book and coloring with your kids. I promise you that as you learn to trust and wait on Him and demonstrate that trust in the way you live, right before your eyes King Jesus will suddenly put all of the fragmented pieces of your life back together again.

Blessings, Love, and Good Times.