Food for the Spirit


Food For The Spirit

I am really excited about the “Food for the Spirit” page. Along with my journey often God has called me to intense times of fasting.  From a forty day water only fast to a three day dry fast to intermittent fasting, you name it I’ve done it. But through it, all the Holy Spirit has taught me how to not only feed my soul but to feed my physical body. I am learning how to care and serve my family, which is amazing, to say the least! Through this pages entries, I hope to share a little of just how and what God has shown me along the way. I pray that as I share actual recipes and what I feel are great books to read, you will leave this page feeling satisfied not only in your physical belly but also in your spiritual belly. I believe that having food for the spirit that fuels you to keep pressing through your trying season is a definite must.

In the Lord’s word Jesus says I have come that you would have life and life more abundantly! I believe Jesus has willed it that I might show someone how to live life abundant and more abundantly through what he has revealed to me.

Along my journey there was a season where the Holy Spirit would lead me to certain youtubers. As I watched their journey, He began to show me mine and somehow I began to see Him from a clearer lens than the one I was first looking at Him through. In the Bible there are instances where Jesus is seen sitting with his disciples eating a meal. There are multiple verses where people ask why aren’t your disciples fasting and Jesus answered, “Can the guests of the bridegroom fast while He is with them? As long as He is with them, they cannot fast.…”

Along my Journey whenever I was afraid or was asked to minister, I thought fasting was a prerequisite and my life seemed to evolve around it.  One day after a forty day fast, the Lord opened up my eyes and showed me that His word is food for our soul, but His food from the earth is also food for our soul. We see this truth magnified in the life of Daniel. As I have learned to surrender to that truth and began to embrace a healthier lifestyle, the more whole I have felt in Him. I have let go more and longed to help others let go of those bad eating habits, and get back to the organic, back to their Genesis. Many think God’s love is earned rather than freely given but He died so that we would walk in freedom. My desire is to show you a way to a healthier spiritual “you”.

For some time I have had a passion for the hurting and the broken. The inspiration for this blog was birthed out of that passion. For so many years I was broken and walked through life blindly and my life was out of God’s design. From that place of brokenness, Jesus reached down and touched me. Through my daily journey, He began to show me His way. The more I surrendered to what His will was for my life, the more He began to make known to me the paths of life destined for victory.  In His limitless and merciful love for me there is much that I have discovered and I feel I must share with those who may be walking blindly through life stuck in their place of hurt and brokenness.

What I have found to be the glue that holds the spiritual health for your body and soul together, outside of our daily food choices, and constant devotion to Jesus’ holy word, is prayer. There is one book that shares the same title with my social media prayer group and that is “FerVent” by Priscilla Shirer. In the midst of some of my intense dry places, this book really helped me better see and understand just how my prayers really could and do availeth much. Another book that really helped me along my journey was Dr. Juanita Bynum’s “Praying Beyond The Third Dimension”.  These two books confirmed the spiritual heights that Jesus had been leading me to. I highly recommend these two books to you to help along your prayer journey. If you would like more information about our prayer group you can check us out on Facebook at Fervent Prayer Ministries.  If you would like to join, please feel free to message me at our Fervent Prayer Ministries Group. Please be sure to mention that you found us through this Blog! Thanks and God Bless.